Symposium 2024 Accommodation

You must book your own accommodation for Symposium 2024.
You can stay where you wish, but every year, Cycle Cities recommends a hotel that is close to the host and venues, and is offering a discount for Symposium Attendees.

Recommended Hotel

Our Recommendation in Bilbao is LaTroupe La Granja

LaTroupe is a Boutique hostel situated just up the street from Tourne, on Bilbao’s “Plaza Circular”. The hostel has comfortable beds, privacy, a hot breakfast included and a wonderful bar downstairs for meeting and socialising. Check out the pics on their website. LaTroupe also has the advantage of being able to cater for larger groups at lower cost, so we hope that more operators will bring their staff and guides along for Symposium 2024, and more attendees will be able to stay in the same building. You can book a single, double, triple, 4, 5, 6 or 8 person room! All with breakfast included.

What Dates to Book

You can book as many nights as you wish. Symposium officially starts at 1400 on Monday 26 Feb, but there will be a Seaside bike tour on the afternoon of Sunday 25, and a ‘Pintxos and Friends’ walking tour on the evening of Sunday 25, so feel free to arrive a day earlier and settle in. Symposium will finish at 1300 on Wednesday 28 Feb, but you may wish to book an extra night or two. On Wednesday night will be the Symposium afterparty, and on Thursday there will be another tour offered during the day, and there’s usually a catch up in the evening for those flying out Friday. Don’t rush to leave Bilbao!

Discount Code

LaTroupe isn’t offering a fixed rate. The room prices vary depending on demand, and how early or late the booking is made. But whenever you book, you get 15% off as a Symposium attendee. Just use the code SYM24 when you book on their website, and your discount will be applied.

Don't fancy LaTroupe?

You are free to book any accommodation that will suit you, just make sure it’s not too far from Tourne, as this is the area where most Symposium activities will be happening throughout the week.

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